Creating custom installers using Inno Setup

Inno Setup is a software that helps you to create installers for the programs you create. So what's this tutorial doing in a blog dedicated to programming? That's because we need an installer to distribute our programs. From a user interface point of view, it's really a bad choice not to have an installer especially when your programs consists of many files and folders. You can download the installer package from the next link:
And just run the installer.

For example, if you want to distribute the program show above, you only need to write a script.

Figure 1.The program to be distributed and all the needed files

Minimal script: 
Step 1. Launch application from desktop after installation
Step 2. Create a new script
Step 3. Check the bottom option and click the next button
Step 4. Click the finish button
Figure. Inno script editor
Copy the next script

After that, you save the script in the same folder where you have your program.

Figure. Save the script in the same folder where you have your program
And click in the run button . The installer will be launched automatically. You have to go to the folder shown in the debug output.

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